I was one of the three graduates that did a small article with Building last year (11 September 2009, page 34).

I just thought I’d give you a little feedback on progress since doing the piece, seeing as it helped me land my first job at the start of the year.

In the new year I attended an interview with a small main contractor based in Stratford, London, and they were heavily impressed with the article and were shocked to see me sitting in front of them as they had a copy of the magazine on a shelf! Anyway, I’ve started working as an assistant contracts manager and I have learned a great deal just working for four months at the company – probably more than I did at university to be honest.

The article has helped me a great deal personally. However, I still feel that grads are still being let down by companies across the board and there is still a shortage of young talent coming into the industry.

Anil Joshi