With reference to the adjudication survey on the Building website (29 October, page 15) and concern about the rise in adjudicator’s fees, it is commendable that someone is trying to get statistical information in order to better analyse the benefits or otherwise of adjudication.

It will be less than commendable, however, if the information being sought is restricted to that which may reinforce a preconceived perception and provides little analytical benefit.

The cost to consumers of pursuing a claim through adjudication also includes the costs of consultants and lawyers, as well as the cost of the consumers’ own time. Without also researching this information, it is difficult to see how anyone can address the concept of worth.

Adjudicators’ hourly rates are what they are and, like most prices, they are a result of what the market can pay. In any new industry, there will be stabilisation of fees, both up and down, followed by ongoing review.

David White, Blake Newport, Leeds