The Verry debacle (8 May, page 24) is just the same old, same old – look at Eugena, Wiltshire and the others. Who gets hurt? Yes, you guessed it, the “specialist trade contractor” and the small subbie

When asked what line of business we are in, I reply, “high-risk financial management”. Roofing is the last thing I say. The reasons are simple – we give huge amounts of credit to main contractors with no insurance cover. When told to jump by the main contractor, we ask only how high. Getting paid can be extremely stressful and final accounts – well, how long could this letter be!

To cap this, our suppliers want their payment on ever-decreasing credit terms and as for the *ankers, they have deserted the construction industry.

I am coming to the conclusion we are all chasing the same dream, the one that keeps disappearing over the hill in front of you. Main contractors, watch out – shortly you will struggle to find a decent trade contractor, as the good ones will have hung up their boots and left forever!

Jonathan Forbes-Brown