Not all companies will be establishing good reputations and winning repeat work. Will you be among them? We throw down the gauntlet

For all of us working in UK construction the future shape of our industry is clear. Perhaps the only remaining issue is how quickly that change will be delivered.

Delivery is at the core of Constructing Excellence’s thinking, and it is determining the organisation’s approach to the industry. After all, it is only by delivering tangible business improvements for the whole supply chain and for all sectors of UK construction that we can effectively change the nature of the whole of our industry. By focusing on improving quality, cost, delivery, and safety Constructing Excellence is bringing about the kind of change that all of us in business can embrace and take responsibility for.

The net effect of this is to advance knowledge, encourage national wealth creation and ensure that the constructed product is delivered to the highest international standards.

Ultimately, this change can only be achieved if Constructing Excellence delivers for the whole industry: from repeat clients to material suppliers, from major contractors to small specialist firms.

The lesson from those that have so far engaged with Constructing Excellence is that there are significant practical business benefits to be had wherever you work in the supply chain.

The latest construction KPIs showed that Constructing Excellence demonstration projects are far better than the industry average in key areas: they are twice as safe; twice as high in employee satisfaction; over 65% more productive; and have more than 40% better environmental performance.

For industry at large, the results showed that more projects are being delivered on time, with predictability of projects completed on time rising from 34% in 1999 to 60% in 2004.

Better productivity means a more efficient construction process in which everyone saves money and time, and delivers higher quality product.

Improved employee satisfaction means having staff determined to deliver their best, staff who are proud to work for your firm and be part of the industry.

More projects delivered on time means better cost and time certainty for the whole supply chain.

Better environmental performance means using fewer resources, wasting less and lowering costs.

A better safety record means fewer injuries and deaths and fewer stays in hospital, making construction more humane and more attractive to the UK’s best people.

There is still some way to go, but at Constructing Excellence we are achieving fundamental change in the construction industry, and delivering real benefits for those businesses that are engaged.

These companies, and those with a mind to join them, are the future.

These contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers and specialists will be able to demonstrate they are the best for value, quality, delivery to time and cost. They will have the best reputations, will win the repeat work, and will have the fullest order books.

Over the following pages you will hear from people working throughout the supply chain in all sectors of construction, on the challenges they face and about how Constructing Excellence is delivering for their business. You and your business should be a part of this historic movement too.

  • Peter Rogers, technical director for developer Stanhope, is chairman of Constructing Excellence