A recent article in the Telegraph magazine disturbed me for displaying a conspicuous bias against PVCu windows and I wrote to the magazine to put the record straight.

I believe if more of us in the industry write to correct the anti-PVC bias when we see it, we will be able to correct the rubbish put out by the misinformed and prejudiced “green” and timber lobbies and help the industry grow.

Homeowners choose PVCu windows or rooflines because timber has failed them in the past. They are not disappointed when they find out PVCu is a safe, long-life, recyclable, low maintenance material that meets the needs of modern living.

Like all materials, PVCu is affected by weathering but its performance is in a different league to timber, which needs to be premium quality, very well made and well installed, with regular costly maintenance to match PVCu’s natural longevity.

Tony Walsh, managing director, Freefoam Plastics