The government's security advisors, MI5, recently published advice on putting security measures in place to protect against terrorism as well as crime. Here's the top, er, 11 …
  • Carry out a risk assessment. What kind of threats might you be facing? What is the likelihood of these happening? Where are your vulnerable points?
    Seek advice through the counter-terrorist advisor at your local police force

  • If you are building or planning new premises, plan your security measures from the outset

  • Make security awareness part of your organisation's culture. Put someone at board level in charge. Arrange regular briefings for staff on what they should look out for. Train staff in emergency evacuation procedures, and rehearse them regularly

  • Ensure good housekeeping in and around your building – for example keep public areas tidy and well lit

  • Look at the access points to your premises. Keep them to a minimum. Consider introducing passes for staff, and procedures for booking in visitors and contractors

  • Look at vehicle access and parking; consider arranging your car park so that vehicles cannot get close to your building

  • Install locks on windows and doors, CCTV, alarms and lighting according to your circumstances

  • Look at you mail-handling procedures. Consider setting up a mailroom away from your premises

  • When recruiting staff or hiring contractors, ensure they are who they say they are – check their documentation and follow up references

  • Look at protecting your information. Ensure those who supply, operate and maintain your IT systems are reliable. Dispose carefully of confidential waste

  • Plan now for business continuity. How will you continue to function if something happens that means your premises or IT systems are out of action?

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