Your article “RICS set for showdown with ’big eight’ QSs” (14 May, 2010), reinforces the opinion within the rank and file that the RICS is pursuing a number of policies that are to the detriment of ordinary members

I serve on the council of the RICS in Scotland and in my experience members are happy with the services provided within Scotland. However, it is the strategic direction of the hierarchy in London that members have expressed dissatisfaction with, and feel powerless to do anything about. It is crucial for the long-term success of RICS that it is maintained as a body that is democratically controlled and whose purpose is to promote the interests of its existing membership.

It appears that the major QS firms have decided to act in concert - good luck to them - it might make the RICS policymakers change their ways!

Alister Coutts, partner, Robinson Low Francis