Regarding Steven Morgan’s article (9 October, page 24) I heartily agree that clear lines of responsibility are crucial for a successful project

Although a contract (such as NEC) may influence behaviour, it will not drive the correct collaborative atmosphere.

In addition, Steven’s comments regarding certainty are wholly sensible, but the notion of a client not changing its mind is optimistic at best. I prefer to accept that change is going to happen, no matter how hard you preach to the contrary, as this allows one to plan for and manage change.

For me, the most effective way is putting in place a reliable supply chain that has competitive tension. This does not mean bullish statements that signal confrontation, but an understanding that one’s supply chain is critical to success – if all parties understand this, suppliers are wise enough to realise what will happen to workload if they jeopardise an employer’s core business. To this end I would advocate that lawyers and commercial people be employed to procure the right supply chain – individual contracts become a lot easier after that.

Brad, via