Bruce used to work for Orange, the mobile phone company. After he was made redundant, he temped for our M&E boys. One sunny day in the office, he told us a little about about his former life (cue wavy lines …)

Bruce used to commute to Darlington from the South-east every Monday for a team meeting. One Monday in the middle of summer, he got up early to make his trip and to try to avoid the midday sun. It was still early but he could feel the heat beginning to seep through the morning mist. What's more, Bruce's car didn't have air-conditioning. Now Bruce was a pragmatic chap, and it was a long journey, so he decided that he could avoid overheating his "boys" if he removed his trousers. The trousers were duly hung up and the journey was fairly uneventful.

About half an hour away from Darlington, Bruce saw a blue flashing light in his rearview mirror. He brought the car to a swift halt. An officer of the law walks up speaks the immortal words: "Would you mind stepping out of the car please sir?" Now by this time the road is busy and Bruce explains that this might be a bit awkward. The officer peers into the car and is treated to the lovely sight of Bruce's hairy legs and Homer Simpson boxer shorts. The officer reasons that the boxer shorts might cause an accident and asks Bruce to remain in the car while he gives him a stern dressing-down for speeding.

The moral of the story: If you're going to drive in your boxer shorts, make sure they're stupid ones.