Regarding the article “Lords reject economic benefits of immigration” (1 April, I wonder at times whether our government can actually add up.

When it comes to immigration, Cabinet ministers cannot calculate the cost of unlimited access and work out whether there are net benefits. In comparison, most British people have been concerned about the immigration problem for nearly 10 years now.

Politicians never did and still do not comprehend the problems caused by an increased demand on our health services, social services, housing, social benefits, the loss of jobs by British workers owing to immigration and the influx of the millions of new people who have flooded onto our shores in recent years. If they did they would through common sense again understand that our country can only be a net loss maker.

Common sense has told British people over the past few years that immigration is predominantly a negative factor in our economy and that the costs of immigration far outweigh the benefits by a factor of three at least.

The sooner that our political masters get a grasp of maths and common sense, the sooner the people of this dear nation will get a government that does something right for a change. Or am I asking the impossible of the present administration?

David Hill, World Innovation Foundation, Bern, Switzerland