This was an appeal against a decision on a preliminary issue relating to the interpretation of a contract between Somerfield and Skanska.

Somerfield intended to enter into a facilities management agreement with Skanska for a term of three years. Between June and August 2000, discussions between Skanska and Somerfield took place as to the exact scope and terms of such agreement. By mid-August discussions were still ongoing and Somerfield was in need of maintenance services immediately. By letter dated 17 August 2000 Somerfield wrote to Skanska requesting the provision of the services for an initial two month-period (the “temporary agreement”). The letter stated that the services were to be provided under the terms of the “contract”. The “contract” was the facilities management agreement that was still under discussion and which had not yet been finalised (the “draft contract”).

A dispute later arose as to which of the terms of the draft contract had been incorporated into the temporary agreement. Skanska argued that only those terms of the draft contract that defined the services that Skanska were to carry out had been incorporated into the temporary agreement. Somerfield argued that all of the provisions of the draft contract were incorporated, save those that were inconsistent with the temporary agreement.

The judge accepted Skanska’s argument. He considered that the one thing that the parties had yet to agree, and were anxious not to agree for the moment, was whether they should be bound by all the terms of the draft contract. It was those terms that they were seeking to negotiate, and it was because they had not reached agreement as to all of those terms that they had not reached a binding agreement there and then. Accordingly, he thought it highly unlikely that the parties would have intended to have been bound by the draft contract.

Somerfield appealed.

The issue was whether all of the terms of the draft contract were incorporated into the temporary agreement or whether only those terms that defined the services to be provided by Skanska were incorporated.