I want to express my outrage at the government's proposal to increase tuition fees to undergraduates.
With our industry failing to attract and retain bright young graduates, we will be forced to look abroad to find our future leaders.

Consultancies are already faced with a chronic skills shortage and should the government steamroller this proposal through, it will lead to nothing short of an industry meltdown.

Further, if the numbers entering construction-related degrees continue to fall, this will exacerbate the already burgeoning problem of wage inflation.

With many firms assisting young people with university courses as it is, an increase in tuition fees will put further pressure on the already stretched accounts of consultancies large and small.

The construction industry is being starved of the lifeblood on which it has thrived for countless generations, and measures need to be taken in order to restore the flow of high-calibre young people to become the leaders of tomorrow.