Building’s website has an all-new sustainability section, so whether you want to join the bloggers or search for solar panels, you won’t have to waste your time trawling the net.

As any web user will be aware, there’s a lot of gold out there, but there’s also a lot of rubbish. This is especially true when it comes to searching the internet for anything on sustainability. Such is the ubiquity of the topic that to find something useful or reliable can be a lengthy and frustrating process. You head down a host of digital culs-de-sac, clicking from one site to the next, before forgetting what you were looking for in the first place. You start off searching for solar thermal technology and the next thing you know, you are signing up to receive email alerts from the Scandinavian tile manufacturer’s association.

The enhanced sustainability section of the Building website will hopefully help you avoid this fate. We’re offering all the best sustainability content from the magazine, plus a lot more. The section will offer:

  • Case studies. These will look at new schemes that are trying to hit ambitious targets for energy performance, as well as performance reviews of completed buildings. Upcoming studies include the influential Wessex Water scheme near Bath (below) and a recently completely National Trust building
  • A blog site. There is a direct link to a blog site I created to get debate going on everything from nuclear power to the Merton rule about on-site renewables
  • Data/research. This area will look at the latest cost information as well as research, reports and books on best practice and legal issues
  • Search. We’ve created a search engine that only includes carefully selected websites – there are currently 550 of them, but this will grow.

We’re still testing the section (which is why it’s got “beta” written on the top, web jargon for “we haven’t finished it yet”) so we’re keen for any feedback. Email your comments to Happy browsing.