Having only now found time to read the 21 May issue of Building, and sat here in my Antwerp office, I feel compelled to point out that the man “living the high life” up an aerial mast in Antwerp is in Belgium and not Holland as your caption states!

On the same page Peter Cobrin expounds a realistic prediction that our industry is, understandably, loath to recognise. That in the coming years of economic austerity across Europe, the option to replace the existing with shiny new emporiums will not be available and in any case does not necessarily achieve the improvement sought.

Our obsession with celebrity and iconism must be refocused upon managing our existing estate, to support the delivery of policy and improvement in all aspects of social and civic development.

Brierley D Stubbs, Brierley Stubbs B2B Strategy Solutions

Ed: We would like to assure Mr Stubbs that the person responsible for this geographical slip-up has now left the company and fled to South America - or is that South Africa?