Michael Ankers reflects on two faces of construction – one beaming from ear to ear, the other snarling like a sheep-killing dog
The Eden Project in Cornwall is outstanding for many reasons. First, because it is the results of somebody thinking outside the box and creating a development and structure that contributes so much to the local environment, culture and economy.

The structure itself is exciting and innovative – something we really want to encourage in the construction industry. Particularly successful is the low-impact entrance building. Cornwall has been enriched by a project that has met all the client's expectations and more. That is what good construction is all about.

Even though it is not yet completed, the Scottish parliament building is everything that the construction industry of the 21st century does not want to be associated with. Without attempting to allocate responsibility for the enormous time and cost overruns – although there seems little doubt that the client has a lot to answer for – the project will always be remembered for the disastrous construction phase of the development, and nobody in Scotland will ever believe that they have got good value from this construction. It is the kind of thing that discourages people from investing in construction projects.