This is a decision of the Court of Appeal. Wilson maintained both during the adjudication and before Judge MacKay (at a hearing to enforce that decision at first instance) that the contract that was the subject of the adjudication had been made not with him personally but with a company, Gowersand Ltd. Thus the adjudicator did not have jurisdiction. Wilson was the principal shareholder and company secretary of Gowersand. An agreement to carry out construction work was made orally with TFC, which was later evidenced in writing by a letter. This letter referred to Wilson in the heading but was signed by Wilson, on behalf of Gowersand.
The challenge to the adjudicator's jurisdiction only arose as a result of s.107(2)(c) of the Construction Act, which provides that a contract is only in writing if it is evidenced in writing. Here the only evidence in writing was this letter. The Court of Appeal said that the letter did not provide clear evidence that Wilson and not Gowersand was the contracting party.

However, the court also considered the question of whether Wilson had agreed to accept the adjudicator's ruling as to the identity of the contracting parties and thus to accept jurisdiction. The trial judge had suggested that as the adjudicator was asked to make a decision on this point and as he actually did do this, his decision had to be followed by the court.