All housebuilders need to be willing to work towards lowering carbon levels in the housing sector. However, it is vital that the second-hand market is equally accountable, especially as it accounts for the vast majority of homes in the UK.

I believe the introduction of comparable measures for existing housing stock would put them on a par with new homes.

This will help to accelerate the process of carbon-neutral living and allow new and second-hand homes to compete on a level playing field. It will also allow the public to judge the value of new and second-hand homes on a more equal footing.

Without involving the second-hand market, the carbon targets on new builds – which represent less than 1% of housing stock each year – are but a drop in the ocean.

The need to address environmental issues cannot be disputed, but the burden of responsibility needs to be shared by all.

Mike Ratcliffe, chief executive, Wolsey Securities