An estimated 1.6 million commercial properties could face environmental fines for not acquiring their EPCs before the 4 January deadline, according to Envos.

The specialist environmental consultancy said that of the owners of commercial properties which then spoke to, 90% did not have an EPC and were not in the process of getting one.

Wade Barker, managing director at Envos, said: “There are still far too many commercial property owners who are unaware of what an EPC is and how they get one. The government claims that there are enough trained assessors, but if this is accurate it is only because so many property owners haven’t realised they need to get an assessment so urgently.”

As of the 4 January, legislation requires all commercial property owners to obtain an EPC before the property can be marketed for either sale or letting. The deadline was originally set for the 1 October 2008, however the government introduced transitional measures which allowed property owners three months to obtain their EPCs.