It seems that the silly season has returned to Building. You concocted a story alleging that McBains Cooper is looking to buy MDA (8 December) and this is totally untrue.

Your reporter put the proposition to me only two days earlier and I told her that McBains Cooper had made absolutely no contact with MDA. I further stated that I didn’t know anybody there and had never spoken to anybody at McBains Cooper. I also said that, as a result of my unequivocal denial, I would be most disappointed if she pursued the story, which unfortunately, she appeared to be det ermined to do. Later in the morning, I confirmed this conversation and its outcome to the members of the MDA holding board.

Your piece says I told Building that MDA had not received a formal approach from McBains Cooper, when I clearly told Building that I had never had any contact with them. This makes your story deliberately misleading, by creating the impression that there might have been an informal approach.

Since McBains Cooper has made no contact with us, it is regrettable that Michael Thirkettle is said by Building to have responded that it would be “inappropriate for him to comment”,

rather than denying the rumour outright, which is what I would have done (and of course did). No constructive purpose is served by that kind of response if Building’s report is correct, but that is entirely a matter for him.

You also regurgitated the spurious story by QS News about an alleged takeover of MDA by KHK, which was run in early September, without them discussing the story with either MDA or KHK.

The article also perpetuates the erroneous impression that the directors here are reluctant to “diversify the business beyond its traditional QS roots”. This is untrue, as we are increasing the scope and staffing capacity of our offer in various parts of the business. We now provide comprehensive facilities management services to renowned clients and are expanding our capacity to carry out M&E QSing and M&E design work. Our project management workload is increasing strongly and we provide independent project monitoring services and strategic constructional advice to blue-chip clients.

Your piece indicates that a “source” says we are ripe for takeover, but the fact is that we have sold the shares made available by the recent departures to other MDA staff, without any problems. The fact that some substantial purchases have come from people who demurred or purchased only sparingly at the time of the management buyout speaks volumes about current staff confidence in our ability to succeed. All MDA shares are owned by MDA staff and it would take a substantial majority vote for there to be a change in the ownership status.

Mike Jewell, chairman, MDA Consulting