On behalf of our charity Wishes 4 Kids, I would like to thank you and all those involved for the generous donation of £6,000 that was raised during Building’s poker tournament in October. We decided to use the money to grant the wishes of six very poorly children.

Fourteen-year-old Todd has neuroblastoma and loves petrol-driven remote cars. With your support we were able to buy him a fantastic, huge car. Jenna, five, also has neuroblastoma and we got her a laptop to play games on. Tufail, 13, and Megan, four, are suffering from leukemia and five-year-old Jack has Down’s syndrome. We sent them and their families on magical three-day trips to Disneyland in Paris. Finally, we got fifteen-year-old Kirsty, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, a computer to stay in touch with her friends. Each of these children and their families want to join the charity in extending our heartfelt thanks to you all for your amazing support.

Russell Brickett, founder, Wishes 4 Kids