Congratulations on your review with 50 great ways to improve the industry (24 October, pages 42-49).
Such a shame that you had to do it locked in a restaurant with hidden microphones while being fuelled by "as much wine as necessary" – not really setting much of an example there, then.

It is also a pity that, like Egan's Rethinking Construction, you all missed the golden (rather than green, in entry number eight!) opportunity to integrate sustainable development into your practical solutions. When will the construction industry wake up to the opportunity that this presents?

Despite these obvious deficiencies, many if not most of the 50 ways to improve the industry are meaningful, relevant and – importantly – practical. It just goes to show what a small but perfectly formed group of "construction people" can come up with in a short period of time – by comparison with Egan's non-construction people who took somewhat longer.

Just imagine what the Building Group could have achieved had they been professionally facilitated … and sober!