Keen racegoers will know there’s a fundamental difference between Aintree and Ascot but your readers may be confused into thinking they are interchangeable following Building’s coverage of both in recent weeks. It’s time we marked the card.

First there was the revelation (9 March, page 11) that we faced legal action at Ascot. This was news to Laing O’Rourke and, more importantly, news to Ascot Racecourse. We are not in dispute with the course nor are we in dispute with anyone involved in the work. Your follow-up story (16 March, page 12) said as much, which was heartening.

But now we have the news last week (23 March, page 40) linking difficulties at Ascot with our name and role at Aintree. Anyone reading this could be forgiven for thinking there was some continuing issue linking the two. Not so. Different courses, different projects and a different approach.

Unlike Ascot, where we had no role in the design, Aintree is a design-and-build project and we are as delighted with the outcome as all those who attended the media unveiling there this week.

Tony Maguire, group communications director, Laing O’Rourke