The role of all professionals in development and construction is already changing as a result of the recession

As architects, we too are seeking to capitalise on our strengths, our track record in securing planning consents and commercial approach, which in turns allows us to consider alternative uses for sites and initiate financially viable development.

I believe that architects and indeed agents and project managers will become increasingly active, enabling projects to move forward and come to fruition.

Taking the initiative is what the industry needs. If more professionals can seek out opportunities, using a state of increased competition to inspire more creativity and a better instinct for a good deal, we can together kickstart the development market and secure jobs for ourselves in the process.

Those that just accept their fate may well not be with us a year from now. Others of us will try to find some positives, and maintaining the momentum of development through whole-industry teamworking is one of them.

Peter Brimelow, director, Brimelow McSweeney Architects