Your article (19 December 2003, page 13) about BAA cutting firms from its framework agreement is reported in such a way that will be damaging to our business and does not report our true working relationship with BAA.
In contrast to being "one of five practices to be axed by BAA", we have continuing commissions on both T5 and in the central terminal area at Heathrow.

On T5 we are commissioned as the design team leaders on the main terminal, the satellite and the car park buildings – in total more than £1400m of work. In the central terminal area, we are the design team leaders for more than £100m of work upgrading the operational facilities at T3.

Our engagement on these projects follows on from our successful work with BAA in developing a process for the design and delivery of projects at Stansted through the recent extension to the terminal and the design of a satellite pier.

We have more than 60 architects and architectural assistants engaged on these commissions, which run to 2007, and it is this level of commitment that has meant that, despite scoring exceptionally highly with our submissions for the new framework, we are unable to be considered for further work in group until some of our BAA design experts are available for new projects.

Phil Holden, managing director, Pascall + Watson, London SW15.