The article about David Fison downsizing from Skanska to Osborne (24 July, page 30) was interesting. We have gone through a similar process over the past few years

The company I work for was a reasonably sized, family-owned business that had been in existence for 100 years in the painting and decorating market.

We were taken over by a large Australian company six years ago. At first little changed but over the past two years the Aussies have put more focus on us as a business. The family approach had to go. In its place came new IT systems, standardised quoting and tendering and a much tougher line on margins. At first the workforce felt threatened, but the staff now see the benefits of tighter controls.

We have also introduced a unique concept to the market whereby we will repaint a building and then maintain the painted surfaces for a further five years. This has been extremely successful and gives us stability for our workforce in a market that traditionally lurches from contract to contract. This could only have been achieved with the support of a much larger company.

The changes have revolutionised the business, opened up new markets and made the company much more stable. I think Fison’s input into Osborne will bear fruit and I am sure we will all see the company grow and become more profitable.

Mark Jackson