Having read and enjoyed your magazine for more than five years, and particularly appreciated the role it has played in promoting change and sustainability in the construction industry, I am astounded that you should embark on some thing as "builder's bum" as a Chop the Charge campaign.
The charge is no more and no less than an across-the-board measure to improve conditions in London. It has been discussed and implemented in spite of the best attempts of the media to discredit it, and this part of the story is over. Thank goodness that at last someone as bloody-minded as Ken Livingstone came along to take necessary action – and prove the value of a central promoter of our capital city.

The news story telling of efforts to share transport and thereby "get back at Ken" is, ironically, further proof of his successful initiative (7 March, page 15). Surely, that story is about the industry, notorious for lack of coordination and foresight, working to reduce CO2 emissions.

Please cease this fruitless quest and set your journalists to work on the real story – how much Ken is making from the charge and whether he is using the money for the right thing – transport infrastructure. Watch him closely!