Charles McDonald, the real estate manager at the Carbon Trust, is right to target landlords in the battle to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings (3 November). Landlord developers are escaping accountability. As a design-and-build contractor, we employ good architectural practices, good building services consultants, and front-line M&E subcontractors raring to go with the implementation of 2006 Part L.

Something needs to be done to stop developers who undertake the refurbishment of existing buildings from avoiding investing a little more to reduce carbon emissions.

Landlords of existing dwellings should get ready for energy performance certificates. These will be the landlord’s responsibility – no getting out of it. I’m sure many tenants would love to improve the efficiency of their homes, but the power to do so is with the landlord. Perhaps tenants need an independent body to contact if certificates aren’t being taken seriously.

Max Muncaster, Knowles and Son, Oxford