We read your latest article on Constructionline (21 February, page 12) and our heads sank a little lower into our shoulders – we have now registered with that "service" twice.
When Constructionline was formed we received an letter saying we should register if we wanted to carry on working for local authorities. We did not register.

We did register with Constructionline about a year later believing that without membership we would have no chance of working for local authorities. After a year on the register we had received no enquiries and so we did not continue our membership.

We did renew our membership in March 2002, and we have had two hits in a year, both from the same local authority, both on the same day and both because we were asked to attend a meeting at South Northamptonshire council about Constructionline.

The literature we received from Constructionline lists all the local authorities that are using it with the promise of no more paperwork. However, every council we work for asks us to complete application forms, even after we inform them that we are registered with Constructionline.

The local authorities do not always use companies registered with Constructionline and in our opinion remain with their tried and trusted contractors. If the contractor you use provides value and quality, and completes on time, you can't be blamed for remaining loyal.

Constructionline is proud to tell you that it has 1300 clients but fails to tell you that many were given free membership and some are main contractors that use the service to search for subcontractors! How many mugs like us have registered our details with Constructionline? About 14,000.

We will not be renewing our membership.