Your article, “Contractors attack rise of eBay tendering” (26 February, page 15), is wholly unfair and quite inaccurate

The story implies that Keepmoat operates a procurement process based on the auction website eBay, which is just price focused and as such places no importance on health and safety or quality.

On the contrary, our process includes the evaluation of price and qualitative criteria. Typically, non-price elements include supplier capability, quality and performance and other items such as environmental management and a preference towards local training and employment. Adherence to our health and safety requirements is mandatory, and it is fact that lowest price is not sufficient to secure a contract award with Keepmoat.

We generally commence each procurement exercise with a launch event where companies are invited to ask questions and clarify our requirements before deciding to tender. In addition, we also undertake final due diligence at the end of the process.

Dynamic e-procurement is efficient for all parties because the transfer of information is electronic and results in negotiations being concluded within hours rather than days or weeks. The process is widely used within the public sector and Keepmoat’s technology partner is an approved Office of Government Commerce framework provider.

Though there will always be organisations that are unable to adapt and move forward, the general response from our supply chain has been positive and they should receive credit for their enterprise in embracing this fresh methodology and working with us to improve procurement in the construction industry.

In conclusion, we believe our system is best practice and ultimately benefits our customers when striving for best value, transparency and efficiency.

David Hughes, efficiency director, Keepmoat