The defendant, Christopher King, and the principal of the claimant, Stephen Donald, were friends. The defendant instructed the claimant to prepare plans, apply for planning permission and arrange and supervise the building works for the development of a property he owned. A dispute arose prior to the completion of the project over payment, which led to the end of relations between the parties.

*Full case details Stephen Donald Architects Limited vs Christopher King, 30 July 2003, High Court Queens Bench Division, Technology and Construction Court, Judgment of His Honour Judge Seymour QC
The claimant sought payment of professional fees for architectural work pursuant to a contract or, alternatively, damages on a quantum meruit basis and additionally damages for repudiatory breach of contract. The defendant alleged that it had been agreed that no fees were to be paid until the development was successfully completed and that the claimant had been negligent in failing to take account of the defendant's actual requirements and funding capacity when preparing the designs, with the result that the claimant's work was not only of no value to the defendant, but had caused him distress, inconvenience and also loss and damage in the form of costs of employing other architects.