The zero-carbon revolution starts at home according to a Building blog, so switch off that energy-devouring plasma TV or risk being shopped to Alex Smith’s web police ...

A blog by Thomas Lane, Building’s technical editor, has struck a chord with many readers.

Thomas’ missive was aimed at persuading family members to conserve energy. Reader Alan Thomas was relieved to discover he’s not the only one fighting on the home front: “At last some support for my campaign with my wife and kids. I have forwarded the blog to them, heading it: ‘So it’s not just me, then.’”

Alan said it drove him mad that homeowners continued to waste energy while manufacturers were doing their best to develop low energy products.

Few of us can claim a clear carbon conscience. Even Thomas – the force behind Building’s 99% campaign – admits that his loft insulation leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m just the same – I strive for carbon zerodom but often succumb to travel temptations. While I made a conscious decision to travel to The Hague by train recently, I soon slipped up with a plane ticket to Mipim (along with thousands of others).

The uptake of energy-hungry digital boxes, plasma TVs and games consoles means that appliances are sucking up an ever-increasing share of domestic electricity – currently 20% and rising. This is bad news for housebuilders as the government’s definition of zero carbon includes the energy used by appliances.

Bad carbon habits also need to be banished from the workplace. In our office, Building’s parent company has established a posse of carbon champions to round up habitual offenders. I have volunteered myself and so will be annoying workmates by turning off monitors during extended toilet breaks.