Just received a Christmas hamper from that ever so loyal client? Well be prepared to share it round or risk their green-eyed envy of your colleagues...

Ah, Christmas is the time of year when clients often decide to show their gratitude for your services (hem hem) with a few bottles of Chablis, a magnum of Mumm or, preferably, a large Fortnum and Mason hamper.

So what to do when this stupendous gift comes winging its way into the office in front of all and sundry? The good boss or colleague will not eagerly shuffle it under his desk, rubbing his hands with glee. No siree.

Credit: Leonard Low

The good boss or colleague will see if what he has received can be shared out among the "team" so that everyone can go home happy with a jar of ginger preserve or a packet of brandy snaps tucked under his arm.

Actually, if your employer is signed up to Sarbanes Oxley compliance, you’ll be obliged to declare any "gifts" – so think of the embarrassment when everyone finds out the loot you’ve squirreled away for yourself.