If you've survived the office party, well done, but you're only half way there. You still have to overcome the dreaded work hangover

Good or bad ‘corporate do’ if you’ve got a cracking hangover, the chances are you won’t remember any misdemeanours.

But sadly, corporate generosity knows its bounds, and a rip-roaring Christmas party does not go hand in hand with a duvet day the following morning. You will be expected to struggle, or rather, stagger in and do your duty however queasy you may be feeling.

Nurofen and glass of water
You might need these

Fret not, you will do naff all all day – in fact, a recent survey found that employees who went to work the day after the Christmas party spent an average of two and a half hours “staring into space”.

Just concentrate on drinking lots of water and filling up on carbs – a greasy spoon breakfast around 11am should do the trick nicely and maybe a swig of hair of the dog at lunchtime will put you in the mood for more “staring”.