In Patrick Murdock’s letter (25 September, page 32) he suggested that, because of the recession, the major consultancies are turning their backs on graduates. As a trainer involved in graduate development I believe this is not the case

During the last recession it is true that consultants did shut down training programmes and laid off all their graduates, but that is not happening this time. All three of the consultants named in the letter, EC Harris, Gleeds and Faithful + Gould, are maintaining their training programmes for existing graduates. They also have undergraduates coming into the scheme as they complete their degrees. Although the number of fresh graduates recruited is down, these practices are still investing in their existing graduates, in line with their corporate social responsibility commitments.

I have every sympathy with the graduates who are struggling to find a job, but these consultancies are doing their best in a hard commercial environment. Businesses have had to reduce staff at all levels and graduates cannot be an exception.

Mike Wood