I will fall into the elephant trap set by your anonymous correspondent regarding the "tired debate over the RICS" (Letters, 24 October, page 36) and comment that he is either completely clueless as to what a quantity surveyor does or he is a disillusioned QS with very poor training.
I have been a chartered QS for nearly 30 years and would not even contemplate taking on the mantle of a building surveyor and offer advice on a party wall dispute – or that of a valuation surveyor and fix the rent on a town-centre office block. If I did, my professional indemnity insurers would disappear quicker than you could say "Cilla Black".

The simple fact is, the RICS is proposing an increase in fees of more than 30% to cover an already dismal service. It is true that QSs seem to be leading the revolt, but I assume most other members have similar feelings.