Although I agree that there are many young management trainees who clearly exhibit a worrying need to proclaim their greatness in front of anyone they meet, I would also ask that John Smith (27 May, page 31) acknowledges the many other hardworking, enthusiastic and motivated young individuals whose aim is to forge their way into the industry and manage to do so without possessing such arrogant traits.

I am sure there are many older managers who are just as untalented and uninterested in their jobs.

I joined my company when I left school and over the past seven years have gained ONC, HNC and degree qualifications on a day-release basis while attaining the practical experience that is essential to the development of a young manager. I do not believe I suffer from the primadonna-esque mannerisms of the people described in the article and totally understand that, like all individuals in the industry, I still have a lot to learn.

I feel that for young people to thrive in this industry, support needs to be provided by senior figures and influences, including your publication.

Karl Patten, site manager, Rooff