I’m sorry to hear about the three contractors featured in your article “The men who got left behind” (14 September, page 26) who say they have lost business as a result of framework agreements, but our research has found that it needn’t be this way.

Local government has made huge strides in procuring construction projects in recent years. Evidence shows that frameworks are playing a major role in this. Projects are being delivered to a higher standard, in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

The Local Government Task Force report, “Taking Advantage – How SMEs Can Become Successful Framework Contractors”, found that smaller contractors can benefit considerably from frameworks, as long as local authorities and SMEs adapt. Local authorities must build-in strategies for smaller businesses to take advantage of frameworks, while SMEs must commit to working in new ways and acquire new skills.

I hope the industry takes notice of our study as SMEs really can gain from frameworks.

Roger Latham, chairman, Local Government Task Force