Absolute jokers …

These housebuilders racing to exploit a Part L loophole (24 September, page 13) sum up quite aptly the irresponsible, unprogressive and shortsighted attitude of the industry as a whole - and all to save a whopping £2,000 per plot!
James Newton

It depends upon the awareness among buyers, if they are ready to pay more for energy-efficient accommodation. This is not usually the case as the short-term and rental buyers won’t spend more for the insulation.
Umer Zia

How quickly would the increases cost of £2,000 be recuperated in savings made by reduced energy bills? Seems to me that if someone has their marketing heads on then the property that is built to Part L 2010 will have greater sales potential.
Paul Arnaudy

It is more important someone thoroughly checks the house is built correctly with all the insulation, breather membrane and vapour barriers in place - more energy will be lost through poor workmanship, no matter what the standards are.
Adrian Shilliday

It’s surely time for joined up legislation and policy. The end user is ill-informed and they need to be educated so as to demand higher standards. The government should make provision for the closure of loopholes in order to send a stronger message of its serious commitment to reducing emissions from buildings.
B Love