This fortnight sees the big housebuilders update the City on just how appalling they think 2009 will be.

It can't be a fun prospect.

After a dozen or so highly numerate analysts have picked holes in their powerpoint presentations, most chief execs and FD's will probably need a quick single malt before lunch.

Not Persimmon though.

The York-based housebuilder has decided not to hold a meeting with the City this time round.

Apart from implying that there is unlikely to be good news on the progress of refinancing talks, it has put a few noses out of joint in the square mile.

One analyst said: "Everyone else is having some sort of meeting. You can't just not communicate with people. At the very least they could do something on the phone or via a webcast."

It's a volte-face for the company although it has sometimes been criticised for its aloofness in City circles.

One source said: "Persimmon's attitude was probably borne out of superiority but now the recession is kicking in they have to realise they are just like everyone else."

Not that the company is alone in developing a sudden  bout of shyness as a result of the slump. Most housebuilding bosses do little to hide the impression they would rather slam you-know-what between two bricks than talk to a journalist at the moment.

They've never been known for their hip and PR-savvy nature but wouldn't now be a good time to change ?