I have spent more than four decades in construction, with more than three of those in management, but your article "The dark side of construction" (27 June, page 40) still shook me.
It was far too close to home for comfort. I have left my present employer on two previous occasions because of the itinerant lifestyle and all the problems that it brings with it. You don't belong at home and you don't belong where the work is. And when a three-year-old leaves home in Wiltshire and sets out across the cornfields with the dog to walk to Nottingham to see his dad, notice has to be taken.

If your article is to be believed, there are twice as many off-site or hidden deaths as there are on-site deaths. Is this the tip of a vast iceberg of misery? The great sadness for me is that, as long as the industry insists on conducting itself in the manner it does, there is little hope for any great improvement.