Your article on the extension of membership of the CSCS board to housebuilders and civil engineers (3 August page 16) was not correct.

The CSCS board previously had representation from the Construction Confederation, the Federation of Master Builders, the GMB union, the National Specialists Contractors Council, the T&G section of Unite (Building Crafts Section), and Ucatt.

The board was extended last year to incorporate representatives from the Construction Industry Council and an appropriate client group. We have no plans to further increase the size of the board and speculation that places are about to be offered to representatives from other organisations is unhelpful to say the least.

CSCS is working closely with a number of organisations who are seeking to make their sites fully carded from 1 January 2008 and we actively engage with a wide variety of stakeholders from all sectors of the industry through our stakeholder forum and through regular dialogue. Can we please focus on how we move to a safe and competent workforce and not peripheral issues?

Brian Adams, chief executive, CSCS