I would like to respond to two of your articles. Firstly, I am troubled by environmental matters – I see all the energy we use and the waste we generate and wonder how can we sustain this?
My troubles were eased ever so slightly when I read your brilliant article about Woking council (14 March, page 58), the most energy-efficient borough in the UK.

For me, Allan Jones is inspirational in at least two respects: his work has saved resources (energy and money) and he has been unstoppable in following through on his ideas, using a combination of persuasion, political savvy and determination. I think he deserves an OBE or something! I feel your article should be compulsory reading for all local authorities – I've sent it to mine.

On a separate matter … I occasionally work with Fitzpatrick and find its workers to be customer-focused, conscientious and enthusiastic in what they do. For me they have the right attitude and they do a good job. I was therefore really surprised to read your article on their Trafalgar Square project (21 February, page 22) and to see the pictures. I was fortunate to attend the Chartered Institute of Building's "Change in our sites" workshop on 5 March – an excellent event – which was held just round the corner from Trafalgar Square. Following your article and some of the key speakers' comments, Fitzpatrick's job appeared to be held up as an example of how not to do things. I walked the entire site and have to say that, at that moment, it wasn't bad – in fact, I would say it was good. Perhaps they'd had a clean-up.

Your pictures showed clear instances of unsatisfactory conditions – that much I cannot argue with, nor can I condone the fact. However, I would say that you have photographed the best end of the market. If you want to illustrate what it is really like out there, look further afield than Fitzpatrick – in my experience they are making a solid and determined effort to get it right.