This week

Do you tweet?

I do. About techy stuff mainly. My last tweet was about messing about with Protégé Ontology Editor – an IT tool. I joined Twitter with a few colleagues who are also interested in experimenting with social networking tools and sharing technical knowledge.

What are you listening to?

Unfortunately my two-year-old boy has taken over the playlist on the mp3 player in the car. We’re mainly listening to Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

What are you watching?

The Apprentice. It’s a fantastic lesson in what not to do in the boardroom. I love watching them make huge mistakes!

Favourite website? – you can watch videos of speeches on technology, sustainability and business.

What did you last buy online?

The weekly shop. I can’t stand supermarkets. In fact I avoid shopping of any kind, so we get Sainsbury or Tesco deliveries.