The Buro Happold partner’s digital life is 007-heaven, with international poker, gadgets, MI5 and private members’ clubs. He doesn’t care to discuss it online, though … Very hush-hush, you see

What’s your favourite bookmark?

I have a flat in Budapest and like to keep up with what’s happening there with this tongue-in-cheek news site ( It’s a bit racy but it does list the coolest places in town.

What do you buy online?

I’m forever purchasing flights on the web and, while I walk to work and recycle at home, flights are definitely my carbon emissions black spot.

Do you read books online?

Call me old school, but I’m much happier reading a real paper book (currently The Final Detail by Harlan Coben). Reading something on a computer or Blackberry screen feels like I’m doing work.

What’s your favourite online meeting place?

I’m a member of the Hospital Club in Covent Garden (for film, media and other “creatives”) and it has a networking site (

What’s in your digital holster?

I’m another victim of the dreaded BlackBerry, which I also use as a phone (why don’t BlackBerry maps have a “you are here” locater?).

What’s your TV choice?

I’m working my way through every episode of Spooks. Recognising London buildings is fun – who’d have thought that the Masonic Hall in Holborn was actually the secret HQ of MI5?

Are you a blogger?

I have neither the time nor the inclination to write a blog. With so many unread blogs out there does the world really need another?

Where shall we play?

My only internet game activity is an occasional dabble in online poker at – there’s something deeply nerdy and yet quite cool about playing against people all over the world. I’m also making a (very) little bit of money, which keeps the interest levels up.

What is most played on your iTunes?

Old Whore’s Diet by Rufus Wainwright – and, no, it doesn’t have any special meaning.