This fit-out specialist is a bit of a cool kid, really – he downloads the latest Russell Brand videos to his BlackBerry, catches up on The Killers’ latest releases and pursues his once-a-day Wii habit

What is your favourite website?

The website I tend to use most is the BBC because I love its diversity– the news is great and there are some nice quirky pieces as well. You can click on stories from anywhere around the globe. The sports section is great. I love rugby and on the site you can just click on the rugby union button and find out how your favourite team is doing (

What is the last book you bought online?

I bought the autobiography of Martin Johnson, who has been named as the new manager of the English rugby team and was England’s champion when we won the World Cup in 2003. It is a fascinating book.

What is in your digital holster?

I have a BlackBerry but I am also a huge fan of the iPod. I have one you can download videos onto. I love downloading the comedy shows – Ricky Gervais has some good stuff and I like Russell Brand too, but it is probably not the best thing to say at the moment. And Jonathan Ross … oops, I should probably not say him either. But that is the type of stuff I generally pick up.

What do you like playing on iTunes?

I love Oasis, Gorillaz and The Killers and I simply adore Fat Boy Slim. I suppose that for an old fuddy-duddy like me, I have quite contemporary tastes in music. I think that’s because I tend to listen to a lot of the music that my children play.

Social networking or face-to-face?

I’m quite old fashioned when it comes to networking. I’m not a huge fan of sites like Facebook and am more of a telephone and face-to-face person. I do use email an awful lot and I have the infamous BlackBerry that nearly everybody has now. But you still can’t beat picking up the telephone and having a good chat.

Email or snail mail?

I love the idea of letters but it has definitely become an email age. I would send a letter to a relative but apart from then, I use email.

One advantage with email is that the process is completely instant – crash, bang and it’s gone.

You know that the email has got to the person, but with the post I think you always have to be a bit worried whether what you send is going to arrive safely.

What shall we play?

Because I have young children, I end up on the PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii a lot of the time. In fact, we play the Wii every day.

I’ve got the Tiger Woods golf game which is brilliant and the children have the latest Star Wars game, which is very entertaining.

To be honest, it’s a great thing for the family – just to come together for half an hour every day playing baseball or bowling. The Wii Sport package is the most amazing thing – I would definitely recommend the investment to anyone. I am not too sure about the Wii Keep Fit though. It is a bit beyond me!