What’s your favourite site?

I’m training for the Edinburgh marathon so I go on Nikeplus.com which measures the distance I’ve run. You have a little gadget in your trainer and iPod that measures distance and you can compete against other people from around the world. Some random bloke from South Africa challenged me to a race last week, which I declined.

What was the last thing you bought online?

Valentine’s day gifts for my wife. I got her the new Franz Ferdinand CD and some Eddie Izzard tickets. I’ve also been plugging holes in my CD collection.

What’s your TV choice?

I don’t really get one with a 16-month-old daughter. In The Night Garden is a particular favourite, Iggle Piggle and all the rest.

Where shall we play?

I got my wife a Wii Fit for Christmas which I hope she didn’t take the wrong way …