Despite teaching other people how to escape from the digital world, Philippe Rapin likes a bit of Wii, Facebook, and is a veritable eBay wheeler-dealer

What is your favourite website?

I had a go at helping to develop, which provides communication and acting workshops to companies and individuals. It’s also about helping people who live too much in the digital world rediscover how to connect and communicate with real people, and we need that to make business work.

What are you currently watching?

On eBay I’m watching how the sale of some of the books I own, but don’t want to keep, is going. I’m always surprised to see that the value of small items on eBay is nearly nil and that the end price is mostly made of delivery costs. It seems that people, including me, like to play at being merchant!

What was the last book you bought online?

I bought Amelie Nothomb’s Ni D’Eve Ni D’Adam on eBay last week. It’s about a European young adult living in Japan. The culture difference is fascinating. If you like French literature, watch eBay – I will resell the book this weekend!

What is your favourite meeting place?

I much prefer to meet face to face and I am not a big fan of internet chats or Facebook “pokes”. But I do use LinkedIn and Facebook to keep in touch or reconnect with friends and colleagues.

What’s in your digital holster?

A BlackBerry and a mobile phone. Otherwise no iPod or iPhone – I prefer to listen to other people’s conversations on public transport.

What is your TV choice?

I don’t have a TV though I enjoy films. One of my favourite movies is Closer and I look forward to the new Coen Brothers (pictured, right) movie later this month.

What is your preferred means of communication?

Email seems to be the one. I wish I could blog but I’m not sure I have enough dedication and my readers – if any – would quickly get bored. Skype is very useful for calling my parents and friends abroad.

Where shall we play?

Having no TV makes it difficult to have a game station and I find it’s better for family and social life that way. But I love to play games like Wii at friends’ houses – they usually have to kick me out or I would never leave.