This festive season, Mr Burgess will be watching TV and meeting friends – strictly offline. But he did bravely venture into the ether to make sure his daughters meet Father Christmas

What’s your favourite site?

I am at present trying to buy a shotgun as I want to take up clay pigeon shooting, so I am looking at

What do you buy online?

Over the past couple of years I have bought a real mixed bag of items, such as a fire surround, tickets for the theatre (well, Christmas pantomime) and a trip for my daughters to Lapland.

What’s your favourite online entertainment?

It is not a medium I use, however I like to go to the cinema on a regular basis – the latest film was Taken, and before that Rock and Rolla.

What was the last book you bought online?

The Best-laid Business Plans by Sir Richard Branson and Paul Barrow. This was to guide me through preparing our business plan.

What’s your favourite meeting place – social networking site or face-to-face?

I am old-fashioned and still prefer face to face, usually in bars or at a good party.

What’s in your digital holster?

I have a BlackBerry, which I find absolutely invaluable when I am out of the office – it keeps me in touch with colleagues, and gives me access to contacts and my diary.

What’s your TV choice?

I am a bit of a dinosaur in this area and don’t download any TV. That doesn't stop the rest of my family, though. But I did enjoy the American series, Dexter.

What’s your preferred means of communication – email, Twitter, blog or snail mail?

I like using email, mainly as I am not really into blogs, or social networking sites, but prefer to talk.

What’s your favourite iTune?

I don’t have an iPod or an mp3 player of any kind. Actually, we had an iPod shuffle in the office once, but we gave it away because I didn’t know what it was.

I have a wide and varied taste in music, though. I tend to listen mainly to ska, blues, Pink Floyd, Moby (left), and some classical music, but always on CD or vinyl, not on a computer!