This architect has two digital lives…work and play

What is your preferred means of communication?
Depends on who I’m communicating with and what it’s about. Emails dominate at 2000+ a month to keep in contact with people I know and the day to day issues of the studio, projects and team. We phone each other across the world all the time which means calls from Australia early morning and late at night and calls from the ME on Sunday. There is usually a global VC three or four times a week. Text is mainly for family, friends, close colleagues and clients.

Are you into social networking?
LinkedIn is the best and seems to continue to grow in popularity. No time for Facebook unlike my children who seem not to be able to live without it!

Favourite digital gadget?
Canon EOS 550D SLR - digital cameras just get better and better

Blackberry, android or iPhone?
I’m afraid it has to be the Blackberry - the most reliable and durable gadget for use anywhere in the world. BB also seems to have finally produced a touch screen ( Torch) that works and looks half decent - although my family prefers the iPhone which still looks a lot better and accesses the internet much much quicker.

Mac or PC?
I wish it was Mac but I’ve been brought up on PC and find it hard to change

Favourite app?
Google Sky Map

What is your favourite/worst website?
Favourite is still the BBC - not sure what is the worst - there are so many bad ones!

What did you last buy online?
Canon EOS 550D SLR

What’s top on your iPod?
“The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” - RHCP

James Berry is principal at architect Woods Bagot