This week - Keith Brooks

Quite simply offers the best chalkstream flyfishing in southern England. A haven away from a frenetic world. As the site itself says: “Time is Precious. Use it Fishing”

The competitive spirit burns brightly with family and friends as I strive to win our Fantasy Football SuperLeague – strangely addictive.

The RSPB are an outstanding organisation, successfully balancing conservation with development. Great source of information and interest for my young family.

As Head of Regeneration at EC Harris, which is sponsoring the Innovation of the Year category at the Regeneration Awards, this is a must-use site.

An invaluable source for all things regeneration; it’s amazing what you find when you dig around.

Simple but fantastic idea that lets you walk around the South West Coastal Park while your luggage is transported ahead of you to your next destination.Great way to enjoy the scenery and the local pubs